Hair Transplant is the only permanent method of hair restoration in which one's own hair from the back and sides of the head are extracted and implanted on front in the bald area.

Age of the patient should be 20 yrs or older. Inadequate response to medications. Significant hair loss. Other causes of Hair Loss have been ruled out. No medical contraindications to surgery. Reasonable patient expectations.

Hair transplantation is really about relocating (transplanting) the bald resistant hair follicles from the back of the head to the balding areas on the top of the head.This process works for a lifetime because the hair follicles taken from the back of the head are genetically resistant to baldness, regardless of where they are relocated to.

Hair transplantation, when done right, can be so natural that even your hair stylist will remain the same.

Patients are given local anesthesia in the donor and recipient areas. Once the anesthesia is given to the Patients feel no pain or uneasiness during the surgery.

With today’s very refined micro hair transplantation procedure the incisions are very small and less invasive than past procedures. This results in more rapid healing. Most patients feel fine within a day or two following surgery, although some numbness and mild soreness can be expected for several days following surgery.

Since the hair follicles that are transplanted to the balding areas are genetically resistant to going bald, they will continue to grow for a life time – just as if they had been left in the bald resistant donor area.

Hair transplant will retain its genetic characteristics even after relocation so for the vast majority of patients, virtually all transplanted hair lasts a lifetime. In some cases, a small percentage of transplanted hair may be lost as the patient ages.

Hair transplantation beginning with traditional larger plugs and culminating in the move to 1, 2, 3, and 4 hair follicular unit hair grafts, which mirror the way hair, grows in nature. Using this advanced technique a surgeon can move more hair in a totally natural way.

Individual sittings of FUE can be planned according to the time available. They can be done even on consecutive days or few days or a week apart whereas in the strip , you have to wait for 6-12 months.

Pre-existing medical conditions are always a concern. For your convenience, we have listed responses from some of the most frequently asked medical questions:

The injection of local anesthesia solution can occasionally cause swelling of the forehead for 3-4days post procedure. some patient develop small and red individual spots in the recipient area the of the head, month after the procedure. This is an irritation of the skin and can be treated easily by using medication shampoo once a day for 4days. During the period it is important that no other shampoo on hair products are used on the hair

The procedure is virtually painless and performed under local anesthesia, during the procedure the client can relax, listen to music, watch TV, enjoy a light lunch.

Due to the minimal skin injury the client will not feel any pain even after the effect of local anesthesia is over. The client might feel a tingling or itching sensation.

Occurrences of infection after the procedure are rare, mainly due to the patient's failure to fully follow post-operative instructions. Infection is easily treatable with antibiotics, which can be prescribed by the physician.

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