Meso Therapy in Vadodara, Gujarat.

Mesotherapy is a non surgical medical technique that can help mesotherapy-hair-loss-treatmentreverse hair loss and preserve existing hair follicles. It is commonly used in France and South America as a remedy to many cosmetic complaints. It is suitable for both men and women who suffer from hair thinning, alopecia or male pattern baldness.

Meso Therapy Overview

Meso Therapy procedure involves very small injections of a combination of vitamins, minerals and DHT blockers (the lack of this compound is thought to be the cause of most people’s hair loss). The injections stimulate blood circulation to the hair follicles, which helps to promote new hair growth and sustain existing follicles.

Non-scarring hair loss is a type of baldness where scalp appears normal but contains lot of empty hair follicles. Scarring hair loss is another type where follicles are destroyed forever. In these conditions, baldness occurs either in a localized area, small area, large area or the entire scalp.

Most clients find that they require five or six treatments over a six month period before results are visible, however individual results vary and you may find you need more or less treatments to attain your desired result.

Why it Happen?

Hair loss or baldness is different for each individual, while some may experience hair loss due to genetical disorders others are affected by the population they are born into as well as physical destruction and loss of hair follicles. Hair loss can also happen due to chemical treatment and frequent physical damage done to your hair, hormonal imbalance, infections or medical conditions can be a cause.

Does it work for me?

To know if Mesotherapy will suit your hair loss issue, you need to consult with our doctors at the Excellence Hair Transplant Clinics. After looking at your present situation, our doctors will explain to you the problem, the solution and if Mesotherapy will work for you or not. You are at your own free will to make a decision that will give you long lasting good hair days.


The procedure involved in Mesotherapy treatment includes injecting the patient with combination of vitamins, minerals and DHT blockers.

1) A lack, in the hormone Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is the main reason behind hair thinning and hair loss.

2) The injection once applied will stimulate blood circulation to the hair follicles and encourage new hair growth and also sustain the existing hair follicles.

3) Opting for Mesotherapy in management of hair loss is the perfect remedy for your persisting baldness issue.

What could be the risk?

Mesotherapy can be a little painful but it is assured to be successful, some patients opt for five or six treatments over a period of six months to notice visible results, but it can always vary upon different individuals.


Just like the treatment, aftercare is also important which predicts the durability and lifetime of your hair growth. A proper diet and medications prescribed by our surgeons can help give you thick, lustrous and shining hair.

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